11 / 02 / 2020

CITEL to present surge protection devices at Elektro 2020

Surge protection devices (SPDs) are the best way to contain the level of voltage surge caused by a lightning strike.

CITEL specialists will present their surge protection products for AC and DC networks, telecommunication and coaxial networks, data lines, as well as LED lighting systems at Elektro 2020.

Visitors to Stand 21B22 will see:

– Combined protective devices of the DAC1-13VG series of the “1 + 2 + 3” type installed in input, distribution and floor circuit breaker boxes with an average or low lightning risk, and various types of connection for single-phase and three-phase networks in general or in general/differential modes. The varistor/arrester technology gives protection from leakage and follow currents. DAC1-13VG is mounted on a DIN rail. There is a multipolar DAC1-13VG configuration for the protection of single-phase, three-phase and three-phase + neutral AC networks.

– SPD of the DACF25 series, used as the primary protection of a single-phase or three-phase network in the main circuit breaker box. The SPD comprises a high-energy varistor with a thermal cutout, a built-in fuse, and a status indicator. Multipolar SPD DACF25 is designed to protect single-phase, three-phase or three-phase + neutral AC networks.

DLA lightning protection modules. SPDs of this series are designed to protect telecommunication equipment, control networks and data collection and transmission equipment from dangerous effects of lightning currents and overvoltage. The devices can be mounted on a DIN rail. SPDs are made of a replaceable module and pads for easy maintenance.

– SPD of the DS250E series of the 1 + 2 type developed for protection of electric installations. SPDs could be used in common mode or common/differential mode. SPD DS250E is designed to protect single-phase, three-phase and three-phase + neutral AC networks. They have remote and visual alarm systems.

– SPD of the MJ8 series designed to protect equipment connected to 10Gigabit Ethernet, PoE Gigabit Ethernet, and High PoE (A or B configuration) networks against surge voltages. SPDs are installed in data transmission networks with data transfer rates of up to 10,000 Mbit / s. Connection is achieved via a shielded RJ45 female input / output connector.

– The SPDs series based on P8AX gas discharge technology, designed specifically to protect high-frequency coaxial lines with a frequency range of 0–6 GHz.
There is a variety of devices of 25–780W, BNC, N, F, TNC, SMA, and 7/16 coaxial connectors, and 50/75 Ohm resistance.


Founded in 1937, CITEL Group develops, manufactures and sells SPDs, devices protecting electric, data, and telephone equipment, and photovoltaic installations protecting from surges caused by network switching or lightning strikes. CITEL owns plants in France and China and commercial branches in Germany, the United States, and Eastern Europe.


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