10 / 02 / 2020

Kries-Energietechnik makes premiere at Elektro 2020 with a broad range of devices

Kries-Energietechnik will take part in Elektro 2020 to present a broad range of devices for control, protection and automation of electric grids, including the new combined device IKI-35_d, at its stand.
The new product combines protection and telemechanics functions, which will reduce client expenses in building and renovating 6-20 kV secondary current distribution facilities.

The new compact device combines main functions of protecting a cable line and a supply transformer (ANSI 49, 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 68), forecasting and directional detection of inter-phase and earth short circuits, and monitoring and control of main electrical parameters of the cable connection.

IKI-35_d is a new solution in the series of IKI-3X and IKI-5X devices, which have proven their value in 6-20 kV facilities of network, industrial, and infrastructural clients in Russia. Jointly with the new modification of the CAPDIS-Sx device that monitors the presence of voltage and the level of partial discharges in insulation, IKI-35_d will digitalize client transformer substations/distribution points with minimal financial and operational costs.

As of this moment, over 5,000 sets of Kries-Energietechnik devices of the IKI and CAPDIS series have been installed in Russia for protecting, monitoring, and controlling 6–35 kV cable lines.


Founded in 1994, Kries-Energietechnik offers comprehensive solutions for transformer substations, detection and control of voltage, protection of supply transformers, substation control systems, and computer-based SCADA solutions increasing grid observability and efficiency.


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