Exhibition results

Exhibition results

From June 5 through 9, 2006, the Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted Electro2006 the 15th International Exhibition of Electrical Equipment for Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Energy and Resource-saving Technologies, Household Electric Appliances. The event was organized by Expocentre, ZAO with participation and support from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, OAO Standartelektro and Mayor J. Group Exhibition Holding.

Just to remind, it was in 1972 that Electro first emerged on the Expocentre exhibition program. Starting from 1996, the Exhibition has been run on an annual basis under the patronage from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (since 2003) and the Government of Moscow (since 2006). Importantly, over the past decade the annual totals of attending exhibitors have more than doubled (from 289 to 602), with the exhibition area surging 3.3 times from 3 550 square meters in 1996 to 11 701 square meters in 2006.

Electro has come to be the dominant Russian-based industry exhibition rolling out top-of-the-line developments and achievements from domestic and foreign electrical engineering developers and manufacturers. Given its superior contribution to the industry, the Exhibition has received UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and IUEF International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs awards.

Electro2006 came to be an outstanding annual event in the evolution of electrical engineering sector, particularly given that 600 exhibitors from 24 countries displayed their best products, the overall exhibition area reaching 11 708 square meters. No other exhibition in its category has managed to bring together such a huge cluster of top performers operating in the area of electrical engineering.

The international standing of the Exhibition clearly comes to be obvious through participation of such high-visibility foreign companies as ABB Industrie (Germany), Berker (Germany), Bticino (Italy), CKD Elektrotechnika (Czech Republic), Ducati Energia (Italy), EAE Elektrik (Turkey), Katko (Finland), Legrand (Italy), Lovato Electric (Italy), Rade Koncar Kontaktori I Relei (Macedonia), Raytech (Italy), Rittal (Germany), Siemens (Germany), Simon (Spain), TYCO Electronics (Germany), WAGO Kontakttechnik (Germany), not to mention a multitude of other well-to-do firms and businesses.

A broad palette of top-quality and highly-competitive products was demonstrated by more than 350 Russian state-owned and private-sector enterprises and companies, some of the larger ones including: Divnogorsky Low-Voltage Equipment Facility, Z Elektroshchit-TM Samara Group, Vesper Avtomatika, Z Electrical Appliances Facility (Velikiye Luki), TPK Shchitelektrokomplekt, Sverdlovsk Transformer Coupling Facility, Eltekhnika (Saint Petersburg), SKB Sibelektromotor (Tomsk), Mikhnevo Electrical Appliances Facility (Mikhnevo, Moscow region), Elektrokabel (Kolchugin), Krasnoyarsk Electrical Wiring Equipment Facility, just as many other enterprises and firms.

To add, a number of local enterprises came to show products developed and manufactured in close collaboration with and through the use of technologies made available by the leading electrical engineering companies from Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

To underscore, the numbers of collective foreign exhibit areas have been steadily on the rise. The latest event was graced by national exhibit areas maintained by companies from Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Poland, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Also, Taiwan came with a large national exhibit area holding a good number of manufacturers and suppliers. For a second time now, Italys Fiera Milano Tech secured sufficient space for Italian firms to run their display stands in a single area.

To point out, the Exhibitions improvements came in the broader coverage of displayed items, with regular electrical components and appliances incrementally coming together with industrial technologies and lines needed to turn out the entire range of electrical goods. Participants demonstrated varied industrial and domestic electrical engineering developments that now have been making the research and manufacturing base for Russias energy and industrial complex.

Electro2006 not only revealed the available production potentialities of the industry but also created perfect opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers and customers to grow links and strike deals. To this end, a number of suppliers and traders from all across Russia had been invited to attend the Exhibitions activities.

To emphasize, excellent opportunities had been provided for manufacturers to explore the landscape and build partnership-based relations. A sequence of workshops, roundtables and discussions was arranged for participants and experts to exchange ideas, share experiences and debate the more pressing issues facing the industry. Most colorful and eye-catching product presentations came from such majors as Flavir, Elektroapparat, ABB Industry and Stroytekhnika, ENERGOUCHET Trade-Industrial Company, Divnogorsk Low-Voltage Automated Controls Facility, Z SKAF, Disolt, German electrical engineering companies and other firms.

The Exhibition was attended by 13 000 guests and regular visitors, with more than 9 600 of those actually being experts from electrical engineering enterprises and related industries. Clearly, the Electro International Exhibition has been playing an increasingly relevant role in helping develop Russian electrical engineering capabilities, thereby creating the right conditions for economic expansion.